My Projects

These are some of the projects I've worked on and loved them. I have worked on many other projects as well but these are the ones that are public and my favorites.


One of my oldest projects - randomly suggests an anime (series, movies or musical pieces) every 30 seconds. Currently covers over 14,000 anime.

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A VERY powerful npm package for interacting with the RIOT games APIs, mostly meant for league of legends parts making it a lot more intuitive and gathering from multiple sources (as the official ones are often borked) to provide the most accurate information possible in the simplest ways.

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This website

This is my portfolio website, written using the nuxtjs framework, check out the source code on GitHub.

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A discord API wrapper for making discord bots in deno using TypeScript. Currently under development but planned to have a built-in logging system, command framework and database connectivity and much more!

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A very simple 2D platformer game that explains the COVID-19 prevention tips and also provides useful links when you complete the game to further improve your knowledge about the pandemic and how you can stay safe.

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Disco-OAuth (OLD)

A node.js library for quickly setting up Discord OAuth workflow in your project. Quick, fast, small in size and most importantly - Object Oriented (outdated but still works)!

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A starboard discord bot, originally created for the discord server. Now a quick setup, easy to use, fun bot for all (not maintained).

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Another discord bot, made for KLOUD's discord server. KLOUD is a masked electronic music producer exploring the darker themes of the genre (abandoned, the discord released newer API versions but usage died out so no point in doing it from scratch).

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